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Cylindrical multi-fuel stoves 

The Purevision PVR Cylinder Woodburing Stove offers a contemporary styled multi-fuel fire with a stunning curved design.

The ceramic glass window of this cylinder multi-fuel stove provides 100% unrestricted fire views without compromise. There are no side window pillars, see the fire from all around when fitted against a flat wall, and there’s no need for swiveling base or flue connector.

PVR Cylinder Stove - Fireplace Finesse
Cylindrical woodburing stoves-Fireplace Finesse

Cylinder woodburing stoves

This stunning cylinder-style multi-fuel fire offers a strong 5kW nominal heat output and features a large, curved viewing window that frames the fire.

The large door opens wide, providing easy access for fuel loading, cleaning, and maintenance.

It has a cool-to-touch stainless steel handle and features an easy reach option that lets you extend it with the included multi-tool to extend the door handle. 

Pedestals are also available for the PVR range to make operation and refueling a pleasure. For installation flexibility, all freestanding models are compatible with superimposed hearths. The PVR wall mounting model can even be fitted to a suitably constructed strong timber wall.

The Purevison Wood Burning and Multi Fuel Cylinder Stoves

PVR woodburning stove -Fireplace Finesse

Purevision PVR Cylinder

Multi-fuel stove in inglenook.


PVR Multi-Fuel stove-Fireplace Finesse

Purevision PVR square back

Hang on the wall cylinder multi-fuel stove

Freestanding Cylinder stove-Fireplace Finesse


High and low pedestals / log store options

Fireplace Finesse offer the full range of Purevision woodburning stoves. 

 recent Purevision cylinder stove installatations


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